Friday, October 29, 2004

Armed Revolution

As I continue discovering what a cool place Amreeka is, I shall fire away to this blog and let you decide whether its cool or otherwise.
Gandhi said it, John Lennon said it, tons of hippies said it, but will Dubyaman ever think. Hahaha i was going to say will Dubyaman ever think "of giving peace a chance", but then i realize that he is too way below the IQ limit for thought itself.
If you hear the speeches he makes, you are shocked beyond disbelief at his stupidity and if you hear the response and the applause he gets, you are certain that there is no such thing as a reality show.
Speaking of reality shows, they are a dime a dozen here and somehow, just somehow, all the hot chicks just have to be on these shows. Fear Factor is the tops though, hottest chicks and skimpiest outfits. And the cunning stunts are cool too......
Oh yeah, my guru now is the one, the only Howard Stern. This show beats everything. Its a weird show, where women come to be "evaluated" by our guru of everything Mr. Know-it-all and King-of-the-Not-So-Subtle Stern.
All he does is sits and evaluates, and its downright degrading to women. If i was a pro-womans lib guy, I'd be shocked and appalled. But Im not, hence im quite pleased that there is a show like this. These women apparently want to be there and take off their clothes, yes, you heard me perfectly, (un)luckily the objectionable stuff is blotted out by the editing crew
,hence we the (un)fortunate audience dont see much at all.
The saving grace of American TV is MTV. Yes, finally a return to the golden days of MTV, the way i grew up on it.
Yes, im completely happy without "Dhoom", "Dilbar Dilbar Dilbar, aaaaaahhhh Dilbar, Dilbar, Dilbar"
MTV here means Beavis and Butthead, Hip Hop and forgivable other stuff.
Another weekend, and finally we kick off football in Scottsdale, so all those EPL, Primera Liga scouts who dont know where I disappeared, please look up the road bible and find your way to Scottsdale Community Center on N Frank Llyod Wright Blvd.
Jai Hind.


Blogger Aditya said...

I'm getting this feeling that the word 'dumb' has a very different meaning out there. The rabbit hole of dumbland seems to go really deep. Do'nt understand why people are so eager to take the red pill ;)

November 1, 2004 at 3:36 AM  

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