Saturday, November 06, 2004


Wow, Halloween is a definitely a super cool thing. Women trying to look scary while skimply clad and people in really fantastic outfits
My personal favorite was a chick dressed like "Gogo" from Kill Bill Vol. 1. Now that was cool!
I walked the streets of Tempe Downtown.....why does every town have a downtown and why is downtown the most upmarket place? And then if it is in fact so "UP" market , why the hell is it called "downtown"?
But anyways, who the hell is complaining, as long as there is a cool place to go and hang out, apun ka kya jata hain?
In other desert news, there was no rain it got hot. BTW thats all the goddamn firangs talk about, the rain, the heat and the president, all three things that they have evidently no control over and all three completely inconsequential at any level that you wish to chose.


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